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Domestic Violence and Anger Management Program

Program Description:

The program's primary focus is to develop cognitive-behavioral techniques for preventing aggressive, passive-aggressive and violent behavior by learning positive social behaviors which create a non-threatening environment. The program combines cognitive and behavioral approaches that emphasize the undesirability of aggressive behavior and provide skills for alternative problem solving outcomes.

The Domestic Violence / Anger Control Group meets the need for six, twelve, twenty-six and fifty-two week court ordered program (as determined by referral source). The Group is open-ended to allow recent referrals the availability to receive services needed to begin skill building and recovery.


  • Identify hidden anger and the focal point of negative feelings.
  • Recognize the effects of domestic violence on an individual, their family and our society.
  • Recognize power and control thinking and behaviors in relationships.
  • Understand our feelings and how to communicate our needs.
  • Learn to detach from hostile environments and deal with anger in a positive manner.
  • Recognize the impact substance use and abuse has on emotions, thinking and behaviors.

Weekly Group Fees:

Group fees are assessed based on a modest sliding scale.