Psychosexual Offender Treatment

Program Description:

This program is separately designed to treat both males and female sex offenders. (Note: males and females are not treated together in counseling to better treat their issues). The program addresses the issues of sexual victimization and sexual compulsivity. Treatment addressed behavior accountability, understanding of the offense and offense cycle, victim empathy, relapse prevention techniques, Polygraph evaluation (to be used for treatment concerns) and family re-unification where warranted. This program is open-ended which allows clients to enter into the group at any time.


Psychosexual Offender Treatment is designed to assist offenders in recognizing and adhering to boundaries and privacy of children by:

  • The client taking full responsibility for his/ her sexual behavior with the victim(s)
  • Completion of assignments and exercises presented in the curriculum
  • Creates a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Elimination of sexual acting out behaviors
  • Consistent attendance in group and compliance of agency conduct rules.
  • Demonstrate lifestyle change and gained knowledge into sex addiction and cycle of abuse.
  • Connect with support systems and healthy social contacts

Weekly Group Fees:

Group fees are assessed based on a modest sliding scale.