Families Reunite

Program Description:

"Families Reunite" is composed of spouses (significant others, traditional and non-traditional), parents, foster parents and significant others of adolescent and adult sex offenders. Group members meet for twelve consecutive weeks. Each group session is ninety minutes. The group sessions are designed to familiarize group members with the Indiana law surrounding sexual crimes and equip family members for successful reunification with the offender. This group also teaches tools and techniques to help the offender make positive choices. In addition, the group provides a supportive atmosphere, where group members are encouraged to ask questions and freely express their feelings and concerns.


Families Reunite" is designed to prepare families for successful reunification with the offender. The following are the objectives of the group:

  • Develop a sense of hope and overcome feelings of isolation through building supportive relationships.
  • Accept spouse, child or significant other as one whom has committed a sex offense.
  • Recognize warning signs and high-risk situations and feelings of sex offenders.
  • Understand the impact of sexual abuse on family and friends.
  • Recognize signs of sexual abuse in children.

Weekly Group Fees:

Family members or significant others of clients of ICC - $50.00