Sexual Misconduct Group

Program Description:

The Sexual Misconduct Group is designed to treat offenders who have committed sexual offenses of Sexual Misconduct of a Minor, Sexual Battery, Rape and Attempted Rape. The duration of the group is 2-3 years (depending upon individual progress). The group meets once a week for ninety minutes. The group utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment (homework assignments, modeling and case studies, and personalized feedback).


The Sexual Misconduct Group is designed to assist offenders to identify thinking errors, maladaptive behaviors and victim empathy regarding their offenses by:

  • Taking responsibility for their sexual assault behaviors
  • Identifying cognitive distortions which lead to the assault
  • Understanding the impact of sexual assault on other people and the community
  • Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan to be utilized when triggered to act out
  • Connect with support systems and healthy social contacts
  • Utilize coping strategies to handle feelings appropriately

Weekly Group Fees:

Group fees are assessed based on a modest sliding scale.