Public Sexual Misconduct

Program Description:

The program is designed and facilitated to identify cognitive distortion for men who have engaged in public maladaptive sexual behaviors (such as exhibitionism, voyeurism and anonymous sex in parks and bathrooms.) The program takes a cognitive behavioral approach to dealing with treatment issues. The program utilizes homework assignments, educational information, modeling and case studies to deal with this sexual disorder. The duration of the program is 26 weeks.


The Public Sex Offender Program is designed to assist offenders in preventive measures of victimizing the community by:

  • Identifying thinking errors and internal motivation for acting out in public.
  • Developing a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan to be utilized when triggered to act out.
  • Understanding the impact of sexual offenses on other people and the community.
  • Connect with support systems and healthy social contacts

Weekly Group Fees:

Group fees are assessed based on a modest sliding scale.