Taking Responsibility

Program Description:

The program is a psychosexual treatment group composed of convicted sex offenders, and offenders with whom the Office of Family and Children have substantiated child sexual abuse against. The group is open-ended. Group members will meet for sixteen consecutive weeks. The group sessions are ninety minutes and are designed to assist the offender in breaking down their barriers of denial and to take responsibility for their behaviors. In addition, the participants are responsible for developing a relapse prevention plan designed to effectively keep them from committing further sexual crimes.


The Taking Responsibility program is designed to assist offenders in taking responsibility of their sex crime. The following are objectives of the group:

  • Accept full and complete responsibility for the sex crime committed.
  • Understand the impact of sexual abuse on the victim, family and friends.
  • Develop a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan.
  • The utilization of Polygraph testing if the client remains in denial at the end of the sixteen week program.

Weekly Group Fees:

Group fees are assessed based on a modest sliding scale.